Limousine Rental PACA

Que vous alliez à votre mariage, un bal de promo ou enterrement de vie de jeune fille, une limousine est un excellent moyen de profiter du voyage

Limousine Rental PACA

Une limousine offre une façon élégante de voyager. Tout ce que vous avez à faire est de vous assoir et de vous détendre confortablement, pendant qu’un chauffeur compétent vous emmène à destination. La location d’une limousine pour une fête est le moyen idéal pour s’amuser et faire une entrée spectaculaire. Invitez un groupe d’amis et amusez-vous jusqu’à votre destination. Que vous alliez à votre mariage, un bal de promo ou enterrement de vie de jeune fille, une limousine est un excellent moyen de profiter du voyage. Prendre une limousine est l’un des moyens les plus sûrs de voyager. Vous n’aurez pas à vous soucier d’avoir un chauffeur incompétent. Tout le monde peut passer une soirée en toute sécurité.


A private driver for all your business trips

Excellium Limousine, as indicated in its name, offers a VIP transport sevice to the exceptional person, both personal and professionals . This company based in Six-Fours does its Tourism Vehicule with driver rental activity in throughout  the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’azur, Marseille ) Monaco sector and is present at all major fairs, congresses and festials taking place in summer. Excellium does not stop in  Côte d’azur as it insures the transportations to the biggestski resorts during winter season and insures your trips during your stay in Courchevel, Isola 2000, Megève also to the Suitzerland ar Italian Alpes, stations which are particularly full of foreign customers (russian, ukranian, Itallian, etc.) and very famous for its jet set . Do not wait to book your minivan Megève transfer or your viano Courchevel shuttle bus, as the demande is relatively strong for this period it is better to take it well in advance !


Tourism Vehicule with Driver (VTC in French) or a taxi ?

Delicate question and more relevant than ever. . True « luxury » alternative to the taxi, the TVD, known as «Tourism Vehicule with Driver», however, has caused a lot of ink to flow and its name as the very nature of the services provided are closely linked to the taxi. Taxis always raised by the TVDs which they qualify as unfair conpetitors since the profession of  Tourism Vehicule wih Driver continues its progression, this sector being far less regulated than our « historic » taxi drivers. The faultis also due to varioous applications thathave emerged in recent years, applications allowing anyone to become a «private driver» and therefore directly take the customers usually taken by taxis, always raising a little more spirits and increasing the friction of a place already conductive to altercations and other manifestations. Unfortunately the rivalry between taxi and TVD is not ready to end.


Limousine Rental PACA

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